Roger and Rodney Johnson will tell you "We have been working together for as long as either of us can remember." It all started in June of 1970 when the two brothers were born. Roger was first followed by Rodney 7 minutes later. "Oops here comes another one" the doctor said as Rodney had not been expected at all.

The two have grown up together, gone to school together, won numerous games of pictionary together, and now make movies together. Starting with a video camera the family got for Christmas in 1986 they got involved with video production. Early projects included a highlight video for their high school gymnastics team, short comedy programs and vacation videos. Trips they took in the late 80's through the early 90's resulted in several short video productions. In 1992 a trip was taken up the Alaska highway and the video produced was "Welcome to Alaska". Inspired by Roger's real life obsession with getting his photo taken next to state "Welcome to... " signs the story followed Roger as he trekked to Alaska to get the last photo of his collection.

It was around this time that Rodney started taking film classes at Minneapolis Community College and Roger pursued a degree in broadcasting from Winona State University in Southeastern Minnesota. While at film school Rodney produced and directed several short films including, "First Film", "A Spoon For Roger", "Film School Failure" and "William Tell; The Next Generation" all leading up to the production of a new 51 minute version of "Welcome to Alaska". Other R² Industries projects include the film "HUMAN", which is written by award winning writer Joshua Will who will also star in the film, and a travel documentary "Welcome to America, 50 States 50 Days" starring Roger and Haley Chamberlain.

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