While studying film production at Minneapolis Community College Rodney shot several short films. Assignments ranged from "Go out and shoot a roll of Super 8 film" to more elaborate scripted stories. The films were shot on Super 8 and 16mm black and white film and have no sound... except for a nifty projector sound effect we added later.

200x150 - 47 MB Quicktime movie, 2 Minutes, 39 Seconds

200x150 - 31 MB Quicktime movie, 1 Minute, 31 Seconds

200x150 - 54 MB Quicktime movie, 2 Minutes, 23 Seconds

200x150 - 22 MB Quicktime movie, 1 minute, 12 seconds

"Film School Failure"

200x150 - 54 MB, 2 Minutes, 23 Seconds
While on a camping trip Roger tries to take advantage of the opportunity and shoot some footage of Bob Brown for film school. Bob wants time to himself to relax and doesn't appreciate Roger's efforts to film him.