In hopes of discovering sources of renewable power, scientists travel hundreds of thousands of miles to a strange, new world. What they encounter, however, are beings capable of unspeakable destruction. Intelligent, vengeful and quick to adapt, these creatures manage to get onboard the crew’s spacecraft and threaten their very existence.

Alien? No, It's HUMAN. The story follows the “creatures” -- Darwin Christianson and his long time girlfriend Debbie Boucher -- as they rescue a cow, exact a measure of revenge and save the family farm. R² Industries along with The Recovery Party has shot a condensed version of the film on locations around Minnesota including the Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center, Farmamerica, near Waseca, and the Historic Heights Theater in Columbia Heights. HUMAN is the second film being directed by Roger & Rodney and is written by the film’s lead and award-winning writer Joshua Will.

“Sometimes happiness is right next-door. But, more often than not, it’s a couple thousand miles away floating above the Earth in a pie-shaped spacecraft.”